Roll Roll

What a delightful sushi place that’s been open just over four years. Chef Sang Kyu Shin is a wonderful chef and if you have yet to experience his very reasonable menu, you should really give him a shot! If you have been eating Sushi in the valley, he’s a face you may already know.

Upon opening the tri-fold menu you’re presented with a three tiered options $3-basic roll, $6-premium roll, $10-special roll. Each section has 18 options per tier and if you go with the $10 teir you get a stamp book which allows you to eat your way to a free $10 item! There is regular sushi, limited but you get three pcs per $5 where most places charge a little bit more and give you a little less (2pcs). He has other items on the menu like Udon, etc.

The decor is a bit sparse but what you’re there for is sushi, and if you’re on a budget, but still need that quality fix… Roll Roll will be your local spot.

Just go and try the place!! Check them out on Yelp and their Facebook page

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Silvana Geoffrey