Kamil Majer’s Blue Jam Cafe

I met Kamil Majer what seems like a lifetime ago, when he was working as a chef for a place on the famous Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, left and then opened his original Blue Jam Cafe, almost a block down and on the other side of the street, his unique styles of fusions and traditional cooking has made him a breakfast favorite for many Los Angelinos and has had a constant stream of success, and now several locations to choose from.

I have been delighted to know him, his cooking, his family Goulash (mmmm), and every breakfast creation you can think of.  Imagine art, made from food, which you are supposed to eat, where it not only delights the eyes, but your taste buds!  It’s no wonder that he’s rated one of the best breakfast places in town!

Blue Jam Café’s Menu is just outstanding… I truly believe that Kamil invented the Crunchy French Toast – and he has a few different incarnations to this theme. His egg dishes are out of this world, heck, just about everything they serve up here, is pretty darn special. I can’t really focus on any one dish, as they truly are all just divine. If you can’t find something to eat at Blue Jam Café, you can’t be breathing! They offer up something for everyone. And the most important item, the Coffee, French Pressed and made to perfection. Some locations can’t sell the beans, but other sites do, and yes, you can take the Blue Jam Coffee home to enjoy too.

A long time ago, Kamil used to do private events at his original Melrose location when he used to have Bistro nights. When he did have them, his dishes would make you feel transported to the region that he’s chosen to cook for that evening, this is old news as he only does Breakfasts now… however  You would have been delighted at the atmosphere, the food is top notch, and the clientele are all warm and friendly.

If you are not familiar with Kamil’s story, you should check it out here, it’s pretty amazing!

Blue Jam Café has several locations to choose from, Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills / Calabasas, Downtown Los Angeles, Tarzana and Tokyo, Japan. You can check out his website, his Instagram account and yes even his Facebook page.


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