A $30 Pizza Worthy of your Taste Buds

Today I want to bring to your attention, an amazing pizza place. Now before you roll your eyes and tell me you’ve seen and heard them all, or have read all the other places that I’ve posted about, this place is special to me, as it’s the only true NY style pizza in Southern California, PERIOD! So do I have your attention now?

True, what does a native to Los Angeles know about NY style pizza? Some of my closest and dearest friends are from the east coast, and they know a thing or two about NY style pizza.. Heck I have to trust them, however, I do know what my taste buds like and love… and there’s one particular pizza that Mulberry Street Pizza creates, that IF I am going to order from there, THAT’S THE ONLY PIE I’LL EAT… Now I know you must think I’ve lost it.. But trust me on this.. I’ve eaten a pizza from other places that tries to do the same ingredients, but just never gets it quite right… so if I am having a yen for Eggplant Parmesan pizza, I’m dialing up Mulberry Street Pizza, and yes, the $30.00 per pie is more than worth it for this!

Let’s talk about the way the Eggplant Parmesan is made, delicious! I’ve only had eggplant like this, if I went to a $$$ type of Italian restaurant, as it takes a great deal of work to make this right, you’ll know it from the first bite! So to get this quality of ingredients on a pizza, well you’ll see why it’s $30.00 Next up is the NY signature dough. Now I am a firm believer that the NY city tap water is the secret to all the great breads, bagels, pizza’s etc that NY has to offer, and Los Angeles does not even come close.. So I am not sure what they’re doing over there, to make their pizza’s taste the way they do… but it’s fantastic!  The owner and founder, Richie, his mother at the age of 10 taught him how to make marinara sauce, which is what is his foundation for all of his pizzas and it’s brilliant! I’ve never tasted that type of seasoned marinara sauce anywhere else, which again makes their pizza’s stand out with a unique flavor of their own. Presentation, plenty of Eggplant Parmesan to go around.

With four locations, two in Beverly Hills, one in Encino and one in Sherman Oaks, you can’t go wrong with where you order it from, the same pizza tastes the same at all four locations (hicc’up, pardon me, I know from personal experience). So if you’re looking for a lunch delivery, give this pizza place a shot, everything there is good, even the house salads… and the best part, if you save your delivered receipts, I forget the exact number, you’ll have to check with them, but after X-amount of saved stamped receipts, you get a free pizza, of your choice… and when I used to be in West Hollywood, I would order ever week, after a while, they knew my order.. And when I reached my free pizza, guess which one I would order… Yep, Eggplant Parmesan… I think it made them laugh, that I could have any pizza as my free reward, and I would just keep ordering the same pie, never got tired of it…

Do check out their Website, Facebook and Insta’ pages for more info.


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Silvana Geoffrey